Kirin J Callinan, “Landslide”

Kirin J Callinan's excellent debut solo record, Embracism, released only a few months ago now, but its potency still hasn't been distilled. With a new video for "Landslide", easily the greatest track on the effecting output, has Callinan strung up from his feet, literally performing down-under, as it were. Covered in dirt and getting in touch with the natural elements that the album brings out. Australia is one hell of a place.

As director Vincenzi Vandella told Pitchfork, "While Kirin was back in Australia we thought it would be fun to shoot a down-under video, but taking that idea literally. We went to a secluded beach/quarry and strung him by the feet upside down as he performed. It was actually a rather dangerous idea and more like torture but he was happy to submit himself to that pain and brutality. It's a beautiful song, but I love how there's very real suffering and emotion behind his performance in this simple clip. The guy is built pretty tough."

Kirin J Callinan's Escapism is available on Terrible Records now.