Las Robertas, “Marlene”

Post Author: Amelia Pitcherella

Costa Rica’s Las Robertas make lo-fi garage pop that ranges from steady and mellow to ultra-distorted. Back in June they came out with their sophomore full-length Days Unmade, which is full of noisy, dreamy tracks bound to induce some automatic head-nodding.

Directed by Guadalajara’s María “Lulu” Martinez, the video for the second track off the record, “Marlene”, is a colorful hodgepodge of images from Las Robertas’ Mexico-US tour this past summer. Subtitles in Spanish provide some background on the band—expressing, for instance, what roughly translates to “Never in my life have I tried to subject my existence to a determined plan.” The video echoes this sentiment with its wild graphics, ever in flux with stop motion concert footage and black & white shots of the band picking up rainbow static as they roam the streets.

Comprised of all of three fuzzy chords, “Marlene” is a simple but rousing track. Add Monse Vargas’ and Meche Oller’s smooth vocals over the crash of drummer Fabrizio Morán’s cymbals and it’s got a sweet tinge. The visuals in its video keep pace with the song’s driving tempo for a synchronicity that’s very pleasing.

Days Unmade is available now through the Mexican Arts & Crafts label.