Lilies on Mars, “Oceanic Landscape” ft. Franco Battiato

We were graced by Sardinia x UK Casio sound-sculptors, Lilies On Mars last holiday season with our discussion surrounding the flight to the hive carousel ride from their single, "Dream of Bees", and today we bring you exclusive keyboard tech-talk with the Lilies' Lisa Masia and Marina Cristofalo as we look at their new video, "Oceanic Landscape" ft. Franco Battiato. Preparing to release their new album Dot To Dot February 11 from Saint Marie Records, a world tour with Fanfarlo in the works, and a Kickstarter request to assist with travel expenses; check out the following video sea of keys and dreams.

The sound and visuals that stem from Lisa and Marina 's keyboard crafted songs fly forth from tones of selected euphoria. Sensory impulses are pressed like the keys displayed on the assortment of instruments, where the sea and soul searching is joined by the iconic, Franco Battiato. The note progressions shine like the seafloor's prismatic glow from the sun's reflection, as the sea of voices swim like their own school of fishes. We were honored to continue our conversation with Lisa and Marina over long distance cables here:

Your videos have a pervasive showcasing of various portable keyboards, where did the relationship with the synths first begin?

We believe it started with the essential need of experimenting and playing with new sounds. We approached legendary synths as the Roland SH-101, spending hours, nights with it, and also playing with toys like vintage portable Casio, at the same time. The combination of different sounds is always an incredible discovery and it's just the most exciting element of creating music for us.

Favorite keyboards for on the go?

We are constantly trying to travel with less equipment as possible as it's only the two of us on the road and our gear is quite heavy! Still we don't manage! We have a few synths we just can't leave at home, the microKORG-easy and light, a few Casios, Kaospad and the Yamaha PS20.

Favorite 'boards, synths for at home?

SH-101, Gaia SH01, PS 20, Casio MA 101, Casio PT 80, OP 1… to name just a few, although we are collecting a vast scale of synths and keyboards from black markets, some of them don't even have a name but they have those one or two great and weird sounds sometimes, it's just perfect!

"Oceanic Landscape" could also describe the perceptual qualities of your music. The song carries a sea like serenity in the same way like "Dream of Bees" sends you whirling within the hive. How do you all tie in the visual sensory to your musical craft?

Well, we spend hours and hours improvising, searching for new sounds and vibes. Sometimes when we hit the right sounds, melodies or even disturbing noises, something just clicks and it feels like being on a visual trip! It's like shaping an imaginary world of sounds. It's a sacred place for us. I guess some of these experiences are so intense that probably they come across in our recordings and it's really rewarding for us to communicate and share those special moments.

Dot to Dot will be available February 11 from Saint Marie Records.

Find them on tour with Fanfarlo via the following EU/UK/US dates, and check out their Kickstarter:

08 – Broadcast – Glasgow – UK
09 – Deaf Institute – Manchester- UK
11 – Village Underground – London – UK
12 – Green Door Store – Brighton – UK
15 – Pazo De Cultura – Pontevedra – Spain
17 – But Madrid – Spain
18 – Maladar Sevilla – Spain
19 – The Rambleta – Valencia – Spain
20 – Barts – Barcelona – Spain
22 – Tourmix – Girona – Spain
24 – La Maroquinerie – France
25 – Bitterzoet – Amsterdam – Netherlands
27 – Bi Nuu – Berlin – Germany
28 – Ampere – Munich – Germany

01 – Flex – Vienna – Austria
03 – Locomotiv – Bologna – Italy
04 – Tunnel – Milan – Italy
06 – Rote Fabrik – Zurich – Switzerland
07 – Das Bett – Frankfurt – Germany
08 – AB Club – Brusses – Belgium
24 – House of Blues – San Diego, CA
25 – Troubador – Los Angeles, CA
26 – San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
28 – Dante’s – Portland, OR
29 – Venue – Vancouver, BC
30 – Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA

01 – Urban Lounge – Salt Lake City
02 – Larimer Lounge – Denver, CO
05 – Duck Room at Blueberry – St. Louis, MO
07 – Triple Rock Social Club – Minneapolis, MN
08 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI
10 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
11 – OHSkully’s Music Diner, Columbus
12 – Mr. Small’s Theatre – Millvale, PA
14 – Shelter – Detroit, MI
16 – Lee’s Palace – Toronto, ON
17 – La Sala Rossa – Montreal, QB
19 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA
22 – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY
25 – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA
26 – Street Music Hall – Washington, DC