Premiere: KU, “Millions”

KU is the experimental pop project of Dimitris Papadatos, an Athens, Greece-based musician. Dimitris wrote the record, Feathers, between 2010-2012, improvising the sound and the lyrics on the spot in his home studio. He then gave his drafts and demos to Prins Obi (Baby Guru) to process the hundreds of hours of recording into a collection that explores the limitations of pop music, complicated in motorik excursions and ambient drift.

On album closer "Millions", Dimitris songwriting extends to a seven-minute epic, that stargazes into lyrics like "the things that I wished for / were the improbable ones". It's channeling the prog of Pink Floyd, but only for a glimpse, before steam-powered krautrock storms the gates. As Dimitris sings the refrain "do you know they made plastic out of corn", those improbable wishes mutate into improbabilties we never requested. As the track enters a third movement, KU is pushing the meters to the whims of nature's force. With each movement "Millions" questions the limits of control, spiraling into an epic outro.

KU's Feathers is out now on Inner Ear and streaming on Bandcamp.