Mr. MFN eXquire, “The Message Pt.1 & 2”

Mr. MFN eXquire sent our radar's into red alert by filming the video for "Huzzah" in his apartment with his homies and a big booty bitty dancing on his bed. For "Huzzah Pt. II" eXquire and Heron stood in the bullet-proof breezeway of a liquor store, rapping to a camera, while local patrons became extras in their shoot. Except for the posse cut version of the "Huzzah Remix" video, eXquire's low budget aesthetic has not changed since singing to Universal Republic.

On "The Message Pt.1 & 2" eXquire raps like nothing's changed (most apparent on Pt. 2 as his 16 explicit bars ends with "this the only line the radio won't censor") and with the video in circulation, it's clear his video budget is no different. He didn't roll deep for his walkabout. He brought a long one homie, who loves "The Message Pt.1" so much it makes him shake up beer bottles and strip to his undershorts – no homo.

And if we may state for the record, we never downplayed eXquire and do not feel his parting words are aimed at us. But those of you out there who doubted eXquire, consider yourself called out. Stings, right?

Mr. MFN eXquire's Power & Passion EP is out now.