Premiere: Ethereal and The Queer Show, “Glisten”

Ethereal and The Queer Show are Juliana Dieterich and Dan Hill, who put together the ornate glamor core video for "Glisten". Juliana presents Dan's production like a screen test of Dieterich's dream like vocal presence that frames the beach dances of Jamie Jones back lit by solar beams of light.

Beginning with astral imagery, Juliana appears through the effects of a multicolored prism to guide the listener from the astrological atmospheres to the sunset silhouette dances on the sands where earth and water meet. "Baby, I want to be right there with you, maybe see the colors of the light within you". Working in conjunction with the electronic breath effects, Hill utilizes lighting and overexposed shots to let both the music and video live up to the song's title by having all things glistening on all levels across the board.

The song proceeds on an axix of lo-fi dance fidelities where a litany of "baby, baby, baby" propels the Hindi/beach yoga dances of Ms. Jones along with Dieterich's own superposed moves ascending like a dove in flight. The lyrical love song lullaby to a beloved plays the novel against the serious with the chorus quip of, "my heart is like a cracker jack, over and over you, is like a heart attack," concluding the song as the fog-on-the-lens effect disorts the picture like a warm morning dew cough on a diamond's surface.

Also listen to the single "Glisten" unobstructed by visuals.

Ethereal and The Queer Show's album Cosmotopia is available now from Pour Le Corps Records.