Premiere: Von Haze, “Mother Mountain”

There's an America that's about capitolism, consumerism, and striving for that American Dream of not only being numero uno, but the underdog that achieves it. There's open roads that inspire us to treat life like a grand adventure, but those same roads can lead us into dark pockets of occultism and mysticism; to places where currency is measured in blood. Often explored in film by director's like David Lynch or Sam Raimi's cult classic Evil Dead, the American highways and the wilderness just beyond their reach are places full of unknown power with the ability to reduce us to primal fear.

Von Haze take a dark highway to a cabin in the woods for "Mother Mountain" and it feels as though the two director's worlds are intersecting. The narrative is unapologetic and carnal, but clear. It's as though the new age family is being summoned to assume responsibility of the farm, but their time will come as well, much like the farmer they replaced. It is the will of the evil beyond the trees.

Von Haze's Kar Dee Akk Ake is out now on Pendu Sound. Von Haze's album release party is Monday November 19 at Glasslands. Doors at 8:30 p.m. with Tempers, Dream Council, and Vandana Jain opening. Cost is $10.