Premiere: Playdough, “Burn Rubber”

Dallas-based rapper, Playdough has lived a storied career, so if you're just now learning of his presence (like us), then you've got considerable catching up to do. He's bounced around a few labels, including Seattle's Tooth & Nail and Chicago's 7spin Records, before he started his own imprint Writer Dye Wrecords. For his latest effort, Gold Tips, he's inked a deal with Man Bites Dog out of DC.

Produced by his long-time tour DJ Sean Patrick, "Burn Rubber" freaks a Texas sound of scewed vocals, while flipping the format on its heads with snaps that emphasize the high end as much as the lower. Playdough is far from bored by inviting newcomers to his crew on the track, suggesting we've just met our brand new favorite. The video is shot in clever-reverse style taking us step by step through a Saturday of backyard parties, toasting red cups and kick-pushing through the neighborhood.

Gold Tips marks the first time Playdough has rhymed over his tour deejay's production, but based on "Burn Rubber" it sounds as though all he ever needed in a producer counter-part was standing right behind him, keeping the set tight.

Playdough & DJ Sean Patrick's Gold Tips is out April 8 on Man Bites Dog.