Premiere: The Reflections, “Disconnected”

In The Reflections’ new video, “Disconnected,” directed by Ellen Frances, the L.A. trio take you underground for a Wonka-style subway tunnel freak-out with colored lights, flashing mirages, and an overall feeling of unstoppable forward motion. Set to a chugging rhythm and some ethereal euphoria, tempered by sentimental vocals, the chilled-out pop number plummets into darkness and blues, alternating between the soft focus of films that play behind your eyes after hours and light fixtures from the trippiest disco you’ve never seen. Riveting to watch and ripe for a head-bobbing zone- out, “Disconnected” delivers a feeling driven more by rhythm and visuals than vocals, built on an incredibly intricate instrumental foundation that jumps from solemn piano notes to wailing guitar as quickly and seamlessly as the lights change.

The Reflections, whose members include Darian Zahedi, Brady Wills and Bleached drummer Jon Safley, are gearing up to release their debut full-length, Limmerence, early next year.