Premiere: We Are Loud Whispers, “Glossolalia”

In a new visual contribution from cross-continental soft-pop group We Are Loud Whispers, a young child fulfills a frequently felt fantasy of taking dad's car out for an unchaperoned joy ride. As the warm, pleasant tones of the song pulse on in the background, a pre-teen boy takes his dad's Jaguar down to the beach while still in his pajamas, and with a name like We Are Loud Whispers and a video as simply sweet and unfussy as this one, everything is exactly as it should be. The background of the brightly-lit city of Los Angeles and a smooth cruise down the PCH make this video as syrupy as staring into the sun. A dream realized with a mellow haze around the edges.

We Are Loud Whispers' debut album, Suchness, is out now on Hardly Art.