Rose Villain, “Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool”

Post Author: Emily Chu

All the way from Milan, Italy, but based in New York, Rose Villain has recently released her debut single, “Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool”. She’s also released the music video to “Get The Fuck Out Of My Pool” as well and, in case you’re wondering, there are zero pools in the video.

The video starts with Rose Villain walking through New York. The daytime shots have her in an outfit that reminds me of a slightly punked up version of an outfit that Cher from Clueless would wear. On her rooftop shots, she’s donned in an Adidas top, long trench coat, and a twenty one pilots-eque ski mask. Japanese characters flash across the screen. Rose Villain dances seductively on a rooftop in a robe of some sort, and you can see alien space ships flying in the clear blue sky. This video has a bunch of different scenes and aesthetics to it, making one complex video that is definitely entertaining to watch.