Smokey Brights, "Baby Bigshot"

Post Author: Anna Selle

You could watch the music video for Smokey Brights’ “Baby Bigshot” a hundred times today and not see the same video twice. Directed by photographer Dylan Priest, the whole video is shot in 360 VR, meaning that the viewer can rotate through different vantage points while members of the Seattle-based psych-pop band cause a little mayhem in a small loft space.
To add to the fun, the video also features doppelgangers of each band member, including fellow Seattle local Eric Anderson of Cataldo. Brief animations pop into the screen from time to time, that you’ll only catch if you happen to be rotated toward that viewpoint already. The video exudes energy and creativity, taking a simple concept and exploding it into an inventive and bubbly 3-minute visual masterpiece.
Smokey Brights are playing Upstream Festival tonight in Seattle. Keep up with them here.