Some Minor Noise, “It Never Ends”

Toronto has been doing it big. Independent minds making movements on a level so massive we hardly even need to spell it out for you. From the department of duos that have been challenging the philosophical nature of electronic impulses, it is with joyful hearts we welcome back Some Minor Noise to the scene. We helped introduce Jane Void and Wayne Doe who carved out new shapes and forms of digital possibilities in the form of "big black boots at the foot of your bed" on "Coffers", the "sinking ships and friendly waves" of "Aeroplanes" and the atmosphere zapping breakthroughs on "Understanding".

But things fall apart as Jane alludes lyrically on the first three songs from the duo's upcoming LP, Anachronisms. You can feel an inner unrest in lines like, "who needs love when you are never to blame," "introvert me, the big bad world," and "you just crawled in the ring and got knocked out in the first round." Regaining power after a two year hiatus, Some Minor Noise unveil their self-made video for "It Never Ends".

Just like every track from Some Minor Noise, "It Never Ends" expresses the fragility of the human condition through piano overflows of raw feeling. Jane sings of the many complicated aspects of unending emotional turmoils puncutated by the song title's repetition. Addressing the the absence in the beginning, the reality of coping with anxiety and hyper-tension are told in gear locking terms, "when you can't take no more but you just break up instead." The particulars of panic are expressed through lines of verse that deal with these rolling psychological storms in a continuous stream of sentiments that mirrors the emotional experience they describe.

"It never ends, and just when you think so, it's just time to go to bed, it never ends and then your head over flows with all the thoughts you can't forget, it never ends, and then you're heart explodes from all the times you still regret."

Jane and Wayne pour out the tribulation through the rain of keys that clang against rusted drum kettles to summon the soul quaking satin screens of synth strings. Jane wrote us the following on the new song and video, and the return of Some Minor Noise:

"Sometimes shit gets broken and it takes some time to fix. Relationships, minds, wills. We're back now. Sometimes shit gets broken and stays that way. "It Never Ends" is a new-old song like most of Anachronisms about how sometimes shitty shit stays shitty, saṃsāra, and cigarettes."

Some Minor Noise's album Anachronisms will be available July 14.