Sunshine, “Puppet Eye”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

You’ve probably never really seen a music video quite like this one before. Jesse R. Berlin partnered with Sunshine for the production of their “Puppet Eye” project, and we somehow (miraculously) ended up with the exclusive premiere. (Go team!)

Jesse opens the video talking about his super stardom, opening fan mail and already making us laugh. While opening his fan mail, he encounters a letter with a song submission from a wide-eyed 12 year old and his band. The result? Apparently “Puppet Eye”. Have you ever heard anything so absurd? Listen to that baritone. Hear the intricacy with which the instrumentals are woven. Notice Jesse’s face as he listens to the song.

What a dork.

The video’s concept delves a bit deeper. It’s a commentary on the demise of genuineness in the music industry. “Basically the loose concept of this double a-side release is that critics don’t really say much anymore,” elaborates Sunshine’s Trevor Risk. “They just copy and paste press releases, which are doing nothing but describing the music/video rather than critiquing its value. That’s why, as a music journalist myself, it’s tough to watch the business I cared about so much dissolve. Even when I write that I’m disappointed by some music, I get called a ‘hater’ and sometimes artists find me on Twitter and start screaming at me. So, I put my city’s best music journalist on the cover, and our two videos are reviews of the music. It’s not a terribly heady concept, but it’s one close to my personal and professional life.”

All that at the forefront, this is still the funniest video we have seen in a while, if only because it incorporates an amazing song (Hi! Kudos, Sunshine!) and speaks directly to our senses of humor. Jesse R. Berlin, thank you.

 Sunshine’s bandcamp speaks volumes. Love on their work like we do!