Teenage Ghosts, “Apocalypse Times”

Pop/rock band Teenage Ghosts–comprised of Michael Thies on bass and vocals, Chris Wahfeldt on drums and vocals, and Brendan O’Connor on guitar and vocals–is ready to drop some new material. Revelations will be available on August 12thand in the meantime they’re releasing a music video for the lead single off of that album, “Apocalypse Times”. We’ve got the exclusive premiere.

The video for “Apocalypse Times” is seriously trippy. Geometric shape in all different colors shimmer and rotate around each other, like a gravitational force is driving them around and around, over and over again. All colors of the rainbow are included as the images spin and melt into each other on the screen. The song is largely instrumental, with some lyrics coming in around 1:30, before fading out again. The visuals are in constant motion and revolution, and the images meld from one to another without pause.

This video is certainly entertaining and psychedelic to watch.

Revelations is out August 12th and is available for preorder now.