The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman, “When I Get Off Next Time”

Post Author: Emily Chu

The Adventures of the Silver Spaceman (TAOTSS), led by Zach Ellis, is a four piece psychedelic post punk band. (Wow, now say that 5 times fast.) They have an upcoming EP coming up called Bare Bones Part II: Electric Earth, and it’s the sequel to their 2015 Bare Bones Part I: Oxygen is Flowing Although the Bag May Not Inflate. Their newest track is called “When I Get Off Next Time”.

The video for “When I Get Off Next Time,” is, as the band name might suggest, an adventure without a doubt. Here’s the PG synopsis – the video starts out with a guy in a room, flipping through channels, and he sees an ad for a call girl service. He gets very very drunk and calls the service, they get it on and he passes out so the girl draws some tasteful things on his face with a sharpie and leaves. He wakes up and goes out on the street where a guy gives him shrooms on the streets of Vegas, and in a whirlwind of events, he goes on a psychedelic trip that leads him to Death Valley during the decennial super bloom (which looked awesome). So long story short, this is a wild video that you should definitely check out.