Band of Horses playing July 22nd. You'll be too hungover to go.

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July 22nd you can go see some bearded dudes with an animal in their name sweat in the midday sun under their beards to Williamsburghers with beards, or you can sleep off your hangover.

Look, we love the Jellies and their pool. We can't stop going. They're the massive's bridge between Todd P and Live Nation, the best free for all indielicious summer parties in New York. But we've got some business to attend to Saturday the 21st.

IMPOSE is hosting Fucked Up at Southpaw. This summer has seen FU keeping the hardcore punk world from nodding off into a Sufjan-lullabied obscurity, trouncing the four corners of the continent and sleeping on a hard wood floor near you. Supporting them is Pissed Jeans, who, considering their day jobs, are the Fight Club act of the punk rock circuit.

With Tyvek, Brain Handle, Ludlow and The Hecklers.