Care Bears on Fire many months closer to album release than puberty

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When 12-year olds can break out of the gate with punk rock anthems as rebelliously cut for a Toyota Rav4 car commercial as the Buzzcocks' “What Do I Get,” you gotta wonder: is punk rock amazing because it was written with the mindset of a 12-year old? Or are these 12-year olds amazing because they think with the mindset of punks who hit puberty in the early 70s?

Either way, totally dreamy jailbaitersCare Bears on Fire will be releasing their debut LP, October 2nd. Quote:

“Seventh-graders Sophie (guitar and vocals), Izzy (drums) and Lucio (bass) met in kindergarten where they mostly ignored each other. It wasn't until they turned nine that they started hanging out in Lucio's basement after school as the short-lived band Nada Clue. In the fall of 2005 the three re-imagined their outfit as Care Bears On Fire and the rest is history. Since that time, CBOF has played in rock clubs, pizza joints, school dances, block parties, street fairs and variety shows; basically any place you can plug in an amp.”