Boogie Boarder ride the biggest vibes

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Assuming for a moment that our beloved Ponytail had a large share in resurrecting good vibes and positive music through amazing chops and challenging, weird music, then let us postulate Boogie Boarder as another band filling in the natural order that begs for music with bigger Vibes and greater positivity that still retains the crunchy guitars and aharmonic progress left to us from our great detuned forefathers. If you were always amused and confused as to how Phish could cite Sonic Youth as an influence, Boogie Boarder's new album Pizza Hero takes us one more step closer to knocking some righteous sense into the equation.*

Boogie Boarder, “Bummers Begin”

Boogie Boarder, “Bio Hassle”

What's more, the band's releasing their album with Famous Class, a label that specializes in releasing its CD's with [big, floppy, screen-printed] booklets. Check out the art:

*For the record, this writer loves the new Boogie Boarder album and never dug Phish… that hard.