EL-P rapping after a four year hiatus

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While it's difficult to be sold entirely on the Adult Swim Singles Program, it should be commended for ushering in the return of El-P kicking rhymes over his sinister production. Throughout his progressive career El-P slowly cleansed a suffocated flow by giving proper bar structure heavy consideration. Often El-P's attempts to wedge far too many words into a bar were excusable, for reasons like the time he had that line about getting mouth-fucked by Nazis. And it seemed El-P was painfully aware of his polarizing style as each record is less cluttered than the last without sacrificing a ounce of his “paincave” dystopian-doom-rap.

I'll Sleep When You're Dead was for years ago. In the time since, El-P was on an unofficial vow of silence, releasing strictly instrumental collections that earned him DJ sets at Low End Theory. For “Drones Over BKLYN” (Censored Mix) the proud Brooklynite snaps the silence with a concise bounce to his flow which tucks itself comfortably into the menacing space-scuzz. It is also quite amusing that El-P opted to, or perhaps was implored by Adult Swim, record a censored mix, which makes fine use and reference to Slick Rick's “Lick The Balls” riff.

Download “Drones Over BKLYN” from the Adult Swim Singles Program.