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[Above: Free Kitten]

Kim Gordon, Julie Cafritz and Yoshimi together in the same room might mean pure sex, but that still doesn't explain why a google search for “Free Kitten” invariably ends up with porn. But this is momentous news, Inherit will be the first new Free Kitten album in over a decade — and now with “guest guitar work” by J. Mascis. Holy crap. The amount of cred in that list could taser a fanboy from fifty yards.

And yet, we can forgive google for misreading our best intentions. Just look at all the ways you can parse this phrase. We're not talking about a free Kitten CD

Free Kitten CD

or, a Free-Kitten CD

or, a Freak Hittin' CD

nor does it imply a form of avant jazz

nor is it about free kittens

Nor is it free. (At least until it hits piratebay, NOT THAT WE WOULD EVER CONDONE SUCH A THING.)

Inherit will be released by Ecstatic Peace on May 20. This is eleven tracks, one over 10 minutes and one skirting eight, of pure indie anticipation.

Inherit tracklist:

1. Erected Girl
2. Surf's Up
3. Seasick
4. Free Kitten On the Mountain
5. Roughshod
6. Help Me
7. The Poet
8. Billboard
9. Bananas
10. Monster Eye
11. Sway