Golly! Music industry wanks of the digital era!

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RollingStone.com reveals nine swanky fellers profiting in this distopian print armageddon in an article titled “how to save rock & roll.”

There are Ali and Hadi Partovi of iLike.com, that most obvious of domains you may have considered buying one wasted evening back in college, whose cool $15 million off a Facebook app has nothing on their winning sneers (see above).

There are also the inventors of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, who now want to spit out one hit wonders like so many bonus levels, or in their words, “we want to launch indie bands as Rock Band downloadable content.”

Also included: the guy who repackages Nine Inch Nails albums into $200 box sets and the masterminds behind Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, the Academy Is… and Cobra Starship.

Thank goodness for these people, saving rock & roll and all. We really thought industry would choke and we'd have to deal with the breakdown of exchanging artistic integrity for dollar signs, but it looks like the digital era's got a new class of saviors. Praise be to Ali (and Hadi).

[via Rolling Stone]