Hardcore from 1983 finally available

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[Denver Dude Fest 1983, starring Bum Kon.]

This was released last month, but what's a few weeks after 25 years of gathering dust. Drunken Sex Sucks is a pile of songs the Denver hardcore band Bum Kon recorded in 1983 in addition to the single of the same name, but never released. This re-release on Smooch Records/MAXIUMROCKNROLL would be solely for record snobs and dweeby punk connoisseurs if it wasn't legitimate, teeth-grinding hardcore. The press release for this long-forgotten full length release claims that that initial single goes for $150 on Ebay, but maybe the last months circulation of the digital track has done its damage.

At any rate, you can sample the fare here:

Drunken Sex Sucks

Giving In

Nancy Reagan Fashion Show

The Draft” (Off the Local Anesthetic Comp)