Hodgy meets Jonti's beats

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The Odd Future hooligans are on a six-day tear of debuting new shit that includes Syd singing over Matt Martian beats as The Internet, mysterious OF label jheri-curled-signee Young Nigga dropping his “Come Threw Looking Clean” single from the Expensive Pasta album and Hodgy Beats linking up with Stones Throw's Aussie beatsmith Jonti.

The Hodgy and Jonti collaboration is called “Nayoga”. The brevity is bothersome, but the track excells in bouncy synth-bop and some of the finest of attention paid to recording (or sampling) the prettiest hand claps you'll ever hear – no exaggeration. When Casey Veggies dropped “I Bet Over Shit” we joked that Veggies borrowed Hodgy's voice-cracking cadence. On “Nayoga” Hodgy's delivery is smooth and Hove-ish, that sort of mutter-it-out flow, which suggests Veggies can keep that style, since Hodgy is over it.

“Nayoga” is streaming on Hodgy Beats' Tumblr.