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Tumblr has always been a lush landscape of forward-thinking graphic design. It's no wonder the cousin-duo of Alex Faciane and Derek Heath, or Fine Folks Design, from Culver City, Los Angeles, found such a warm home there when they launched their Tumblr earlier this month. Their blog is an ecclectic mix of their space-age, child-like-wonderment inspired design work and a uniquely curated collection of their favorite internet findings. Check out their website portfolio or their Tumblr for a wide variety of interesting posts (they even throw Tom Hanks parties and make excellent mixtapes to companion their vibrant visual side).

FFD: National Forest



Far out is far enough

FFD: Heroes & Heroines

The Richie

If there’s one thing we love, it’s informational graphics about fake things. Making this type of thing is was actually how I got into graphic design as a kid. More to come on that laterrrrrrrrr.


Know your Kryptonite.

Last night, a regular Pepsi sapped me of my will to live. I’d say the green Kryptonite comparison was pretty close. Incidentally, I love how all of these sound like super hard street drugs being manufactured by some toothless guy named Skitch in a trailer somewhere out in Modesto.



Training For Service by JimFromIowa
This yearbook derived collage is roughly 8 x 10 inches. Various class members have had their faces deselected via paint pen. Yet all are training for service because, of course, their life was and (in some cases still is) their service.



Here’s the sweet posty.

Zabriskie Point


Zabriskie Point