James Pants & Vex Ruffin are KRISTA

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If there's one thing we'll never get enough of it's vintage James Pants. Perhaps someday we'll lend insight into the office tradition of interns dancing to Pants' “We're Through” – it's part of the job and most certainly not hazing.

By teaming up with Vex Ruffin, Pants has revisited his Welcome-era electro-funk with a group the two are calling KRISTA. Vex Ruffin is known for his minimalist punk that teeters into rap-dom, but here he's immersed in a Pantsian world of analog synths and interstellar funk. “Space Tom Test” is heartbroken and angsty with a chorus of “I told you a thousand times”, magnified from the billions to trillions. For all the warnings on the A-side, it should be no surprise that gun shots ring out on “I Told You Man, I Carry A Gun” because they friggin' warned you a trillion times.

No word of whether this is a one-off collaboration or an introduction into something much bigger, but it would be a tragedy if all KRISTA ever amounted to was one helluva great 45.

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