Kanye West drops “Power” Remix with Jigga

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kanye west

Kanye merely dialed H for Hova to get Jay-Z on the “Power” Remix; having Swizz tear the beat a new one with an off the chain Snap! sample is going to cause adrenal gland overloads – straight epidemic potential for hulking out.

Ten hours ago Kanye tweeted the sporting arena anthem of the year. Imagine 10,000 fans doing the “power clap” as their sporting team comes out of a smoke-filled tunnel with fireworks going off. The original “Power” was on some overly dramatic super-ego steez, but as the remix evolves it slowly becomes apparent that Kanye is truly going to back up his greatest rapper alive claims. Anyone trying to get off the Kanye bandwagon is going to look silly trying to front on Kanye's last verse – vamanos! Swizz flipping a 90's electronic pop song, is so goddamned obvious now that it's been done that it's going to trigger a chain reaction of face palming. This song could single-handedly resurrect the Jock Jams compilation series.

Kanye West, “Power” (Remix) feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz