La Station Radar and Beko DSL new comp

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La Station Radar v. Beko DSL Compilation

Don't be afraid to admit you just blew your load. Beko DSL has been teaming up with some of the cool kids – AMC Discs, Clan Destine Records, and today, La Station Radar, with full-on mind-nuking compilations. Last year, La Station Radar's epic compilation killed it. Call this a reprise, with exclusive tracks from some favorite current outer luminaries.

Roll the credits:

La Station Radar – Beko DSL Comp
Ela Orleans, “Black and White Flight”
Je suis le petit chevalier, “i panema”
Archers by the Sea, “Leather Jacket Dance”
Terror Bird, “Can't Tell What's Real”
Jeans Wilder, “Be OK”
Holy Strays, “Phrenesia”
Skitter, “Stutter”
Yves/Son/Ace, “My Confusion Your Delusion”
Gremlinz, “I Have to be Leaving”
Dirty Beaches, “Night City”
Wet Hair “Trance 2”

Find it all at Beko DSL.