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One of hip hop's most consistently blunted and creatively-wise since 1995 remains sharp through a mid-life crisis.

Count Bass D was signed to Sony in 1995, in which he released his debut Pre-Life Crisis. He would not receive critical and underground acclaim until 2002's Dwight Spitz, a loosely composed record that showcased Count Bass D's penchant for relying on vibes instead of structure.

The Count has remained a beloved underdog in independent hip hop, but has been quiet since 2006's Act Your Waist Size. Fitting that his return two years later, after 13 years in the business, is dubbed L7: A Mid-Life Crisis.

L7 has been out for over two months on 1320 Records, yet once again Count Bass D is receiving minimal coverage. It's a criminal act as this may be his best record to date.

Count Bass D, “Can We Hang Out Tonight”

Count Bass D, “What I Do”