Newish: Infinity Window, Artificial Nightmare

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Arbor printed 500 copies of Infinity Window's vinyl LP earlier in the year. It's two A-Side tracks and one B, with the first A the luminous storm clouds to the second track's calm melodic progression (one that'd be a blast for producers to remix into Fennesz-density microsound and Pictureplane nu-house alike). But their project has nothing to do with electronic cutlery or rhythmic divisions. It wears a mystic cloak, opaque and monolithic when viewed at a given point and capable of rising over its own drones to view itself from above by “Skull Theft”, the last track, where sequenced synthesizers arpeggiate and sunlight seems to burn through the nearly half-hour of glowing mist. Maybe this is the way out, and where their name comes from.

It's probably just because it's easy, but maybe there's something to the fact that Forced Exposure and Cosmic Jams used basically the same fog/sun metaphors as I did to describe this stuff, and that the album's called Artifical Midnight, and that the first reference they site in their press release, John Carpenter, has a movie called The Fog and cites it as a “minor horror classic.” Scary.

Buy the vinyl, or try it.

Infinity Window, “Internal Compass”