Ô Paon, “La Dernier Mot”

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Stereogum premiered this track last week. It should be spread around more.

If you are one of those seasonal types who bottle up your tracks for the right centigrades celsius and the proper cloud dispersal overhead, you may want to hold this one for dark northern frosts of February.

Genevieve Castrée's slow, hypnotic dirges build through this seven minute opener, “Le Dernier Mot”. It's a formula repeated to near-perfection through the 45-minute affair, dark and melancholy throughout, not about to take cheery-eyed notions of melody from any corner.

It's also reflective of these nine slow-moving tracks that the project gestated over four recording sessions in two years. With the production/arrangement help of the Silver Mt. Zion/Godspeed vet Thierry Amar, the outing feels like a new reflection of those masterful ballad downers of Montreal – that whole great Constellation tradition through Mt. Zion, Fly Pan Am, and most vividly, Godspeed.

Ô Paon, “La Dernier Mot”