Raleigh Moncrief's omnipresent beats

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Watered Lawn LP

Raleigh Moncrief is putting in the extensive hours to solidify his position as the sole prolific (prolificarian? prolificist?) artist in Sacramento. His behind-the-scenes work with Dirty Projectors brought notoriety that led to producing Ganglians new record, as well as re-envisioning the Appetite record.

Search his name on Impose and the many faces of Moncrief are unveiled as hip hop beats, Sister Crayon remixes, and Tera Melos remixes. That's purely the stuff we found time to cover. Someday I'll put you on to all the Sactown rappers Moncrief collaborated with, making chopped and screwed songs – it goes that deep.

Moncrief's “Lament For Morning” is making the blogosphere rounds, including Altered Zones, Friendship Bracelet good ole Urban Os – I know this because I patron all these sites obsessively and love, love, LOVE my new Budweiser sweatshirt.

“Lament For Morning” is from Moncrief's upcoming Watered Lawn LP. No release date or label yet. The track is available for free download everywhere and here.

Raleigh Moncrief, “Lament For Morning”