Six Degrees of Beefheart, three

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We're only three weeks into our ever popular Six Degrees of Beefheart competition, and the pros are coming out of the woodwork. By far our most efficient set yet.

Six Degrees of Beefheart connects two disparate artists within six degrees. Here are the most convincing (and/or vaguely coherent) responses. Scroll to the bottom for next week’s Six Degrees of Beefheart challenge. (And email us at info at imposemagazine dot com with your connection in six degrees or less and become eligible to win free stuff.)

Aids Wolf –> Freddy Mercury

Aids Wolf are named in part after AIDs.
Freddy Mercury died of AIDs, you dumbasses.

Yeah… um, we were just throwing that one in there to see if any one was paying attention to us. Now we feel loved.

The Animals –> David Byrne

Sonny Boy Williamson recorded with the Animals and the Yardbirds.
The Yardbirds' Eric Clapton featured in Rolling Stone's April 1988 issue.
David Byrne was on that cover.

Dave Grohl –> Damo Suzuki

Dave Grohl played drums for this band.
Nirvana was touted by Sonic Youth as the next big thing (nice going dudes). Um, go Foo Fighterz!
Sonic Youth rose out of New York's No Wave movement, epitomized by Brian Eno's No New York compilation. Brian Eno made a brilliant tribute to Can on YouTube the other day:

Damo Suzuki was Can's vocalist through the early 70s

Boy George --> Stephen Malkmus

Boy George sang a 60s version of "The Crying Game" for the movie of that title, produced by the Pet Shop Boys. Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys collaborated with Bernard Sumner of New Order and ex-Smiths Johnny Marr in the band Electronic.
Dian Barton sound engineered for both New Order and the Fall, or Jim Watts has played bass with The Fall and roadied for New Order. Take your pick.
The Fall's Mark E. Smith on Stephen Malkmus' band Pavement:

They're right fuckin' rip-offs, aren't they? (Removing headphones) Cheeky sods! They've sold about 100,000 fuckin' LPs, these bastards. I can't stand plagiarists. What I hate is, you get your interviews where Pavement say what their favourite records are, and it's like (assumes suave Yankee tone) Led Zeppelin, Stooges. Why not, The Fall's LPs from 1980 -1985? which it's fuckin' obvious is what their influences are.

Not gonna lie, the roady and or sound engineer connection between New Order and The Fall is a little lame. Everyone knows that in Six Degrees of Beefheart, engineers and roadies are the weakest link. But ultimately, we don't care, as long as we get to read Mark E. Smith pissing on Pavement.

Now, for next week's entries! Email info at imposemagazine dot com with your entries and you might just win free stuff. YES!

Common --> Jared Leto

Ozzy Osbourne --> Buddy Holly

Gloria Estefan --> Spencer Krug

Herbie Hancock --> Aerosmith