Some weird shit is going down in Quebec

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Download Skeleton Rabies, the full album from Wasted Widow, a bunch of weirdos from Quebec.

Looking for the right elevator music for your long, metered descent from sanity? Here are a few zero-gravity space jams and bedroom star gaze sessions to start making nonsense into your sense. Go atonal on a toy piano medley, start scatting over organ drones and acoustic guitar wackery. Learn some widow funk. Don't be confused by all the aural jack-off, just wallow in it.

No, really, “Widow Funk” is an awesome song. This is a lo-res version for streaming, but the full download below has a better quality version.

Wasted Widow, “Widow Funk”

Also, if this band were massively succesful (cough, Radiohead), everyone would call this a brilliant marketing scheme – they've offered their whole album for download:

Download Wasted Widow's Skeleton Rabies here.

Radiohead, they are not. You should download this anyway. Perhaps after all these years of listening to OK Computer, you're ready for a little Wasted Widow.

Skeleton Rabies tracklist:
01 adroxxylon
02 widow funk
03 blizzard wizard
04 cobarde
05 glotd
06 oobloo
07 deprodiac
08 parayso