The Most Serene Republic releasing second LP in October, streaming song

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As the first Arts & Crafts band without any direct affiliation to Broken Social Scene, The Most Serene Republic has always begged its own sort of energy distinguishable from the many spin offs and side projects for which the Canadian label has made its name. Then again, it's perhaps because they do share so much with that biggest of big jangly pop outfits that they were the first outsider brought into the fold.

Either way, scroll down for the lush new track, “Sherry and Her Butterfly Net”, off their upcoming LP, Populations, out October 2 on Arts & Crafts.

From a January interview of Adrian Jewett by

“We plan to wrap up everything before the Pagan solstice. Yes, July was when we ran our fingers through our hair as we tried to figure out how to top Paul McCartney. I think that's what every band aspires for at least once in their careers, but it’s all about time and place, and not being a post-WW-II baby with social instability makes it that much harder. It's not going to happen. He's from Liverpool, I'm from Milton post-grunge. Besides that, I find these questions very nosy. I like that. Let me give you some cheese.”

Plus, after some website remarked that “Adrian Jewett has a thin, high-pitched delivery that sounds like an uber-stereotypical Trekkie singing latter-day Flaming Lips after one and a half Amstel Lights at the local suburban Toronto karaoke night,” other comments to Under the Radar seem more prescient:

“I hadn't really sung much before our first album so working on my voice has been a very rewarding thing that of course takes time like anything that really matters to you. Getting into the physiologically guttural aspect of sing has given kick to my vocal character.”

“Sherry and Her Butterfly Net”:

01 Humble Peasants
02 Compliance
03 The Men Who Live Upstairs
04 Present of Future End
05 A Mix of Sun and Cloud
06 Battle Hymn of the Republic
07 Why So Looking Back
08 Sherry and Her Butterfly Net
09 Agenbite on Inwit
10 Career in Shaping Clay
11 Solpism Millionaires
12 Multiplication Tables
13 Neurasthenia