Veteran rapper Intuition latest round his best

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L.A.'s Intuition is back with an ode to the future ex-Mrs. Intuition.

Intuition first graced the Impose pages with Stories About Nothing, a well-aged album that should have received a more glowing review from us. For more proof, click his name and listen to “Bye Bye Baby” or “Forget Today.”

How about a little redemption? Even better, its good to know Intuition has improved his song-writing abilities with his latest song “Future Ex-Wife.” Previously, I thought Intuition's flow seemed almost strained, but the man has polished his skills. Here he effortlessly works within EQ's beat, dropping tongue-twisters like “this little lady took a sinner of a cynic / and she flipped his whole script to make him so optimistic / makes me forget I've got not pot to piss in / when I leave your house covered in a whole lot of lipstick.” Older heads should be able to appreciate this song for its “Funky Dividends” style and references to EPMD, Keith Murray and Public Enemy.

Intuition, “Future Ex-Wife”

Intuition told Impose his new record is still without a home, but he is shooting for a July release date. Industry people stop sleeping on this seasoned rapper.