New: Pumice/Grouper tour 7″

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Stefan Neville, (a.k.a. Pumice), veteran member of the global coalition to implode rock into its most gritty and granular purities offers up a pile of gems in his half of a new tour split 7″ with Grouper.

We recently reported on another 7″ from Elizabeth Harris, (a.k.a. Grouper) with City Center. This new melancholy track is six minutes of softly blended vocal harmonies and the guitar she always seems to play from the bottom of a lake.

Soft Abuse printed up 500 copies of the vinyl to be sold on their tour in Neville's native New Zealand, so anyone in the Western Hemisphere will presumably be lucky to find a copy, unless of course he or she orders it from their website.

Pumice, “Twin Neck Double Kick Bum Chin”

Grouper, “Rising Height”