Roy Orb D.M.T., “Breathing”

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Roy Orb D.M.T., <i>Doctor of Metaphysical Healing</i>

Perhaps the original impetus for covering the new release of Roy Orb D.M.T. 's Moon Glyph tape Doctor of Metaphysical Healing was for the easy “no relation” reference we all can make to the similarly name-saked Run (D.M.T.). It was also a nice trick throwing Mr. Orbison and the 90s ambient house Brits into the moniker's two preceding syllables. But this stuff is flat weird, and not in any obvious, blown-out reverb or scarred noise pollution kind of way. First half is like a couple different 90s acid tunes thrown at each other without regard to tonalities, before we all simmer down into a minimal synth drone around the four-and-a-half minute point. Nice!

Doctor of Metaphysical Healing is out as a cassette on Moon Glyph.