Alev Lenz Releases Two-Headed Girl to a Ready and Waiting Fanbase

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Two-Headed Girl

Songwriter, composer, and singer Alev Lenz is gearing up to self-release her second album, Two-Headed Girl on Friday. Her impressive resume indicates that she has years beyond her experience in the industry, and we are ready to know the German-raised, London-based talent as a household name. Fans can expect a lot of genre-crossing and transcendental sounds, as she jumps from “Planet”, which is composed like a carnival funhouse theme, to slower ethereal tunes like “I’d Rather Create Than Practice” and “If Love”, to the title track, which can be described as light and airy. In fact, it’s such a breath of fresh air that we can’t imagine any other name for the record. Alev Lenz‘s vocals are perfectly blended with layers of gorgeously produced instrumentals. Suffice it to say, it leaves a proper impact.

Hi. Did we mention she produced the album herself, with no prior experience? Sure, she worked with some amazing talents like Jas Shaw (Simian Mobile Disco) and Samull Kosminen (Mum, Hauschka, Kronos Quarter, Jonsi), but the album is all hers. And it’s magic.

Not to mention the newest single, “Airport”. Its fun, upbeat, and painstakingly honest. After all, with opening lyrics like “I met you at the airport when my hair was still short/now it’s growing longer as I’m growing fonder/of the things that you said that got you into my bed,” how could you possibly go wrong?

**photo by Kaapo Kamu

Pre-order of Two-Headed Girl is now available from iTunes, with a free grat of her next single, “Airport”.