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Sjimon Gompers

The high-flying movement of FlygerWoods; press photo courtesy of FWM.

Fat Tony

The latest gifts from Fat Tony; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Without a doubt Houston by LA artist Fat Tony is on a virtually unstoppable streak of proliferation. An emcee that is seemingly everywhere nurturing both the underground & above-ground markets, today the artist brings us the grand debut for the driven & inspired new single “Goals” produced by Indianapolis’s own Lemi Vice. Forever the shape-shifting artist whose influence has spanned across the past decade plus of pop music; Tony once again reminds us of the ever changing nature of creativity & life while reminding us to be the best that we can be.

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Lemi Vice soaks the entire track through a lens of electronically chartered ambiance & emerald sparkling intrigue. “Goals” states the dreams of reaching for greater things, putting dreams into actions with illustrated plans to better yourself & situations. The track praises those in our life that encourage us, keep pushing us to achieve the “Goals” that we wish for, the special near & dear ones that remind us to manifest the lofty hopes & dreams that we conceptualize. Tony & Lemi create together the prelude to the most wildest & wondrous dreams come true, where the process of moving upward to the next level is resonated in the multifaceted diamond sparkling glow that shimmers throughout the entire track. In a recent conversation, Fat Tony shared the following exclusive words on the single “Goals”:

This song is about speaking success into existence and how my partner’s support reminds me to be my best self. I made “Goals” while on tour last fall in Lemi Vice’s hometown Indianapolis. I had a day off there and spent it hanging out with him, talking for hours about our aspirations, our girlfriends, and how it takes more than a manager to motivate an artist.

Fat Tony’s “Goals” is available everywhere.

Cover art for Fat Tony’s new single “Goals”.

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