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The high-flying movement of FlygerWoods; press photo courtesy of FWM.

Week in Pop

Introducing rising Los Angeles based artist Launder; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Introducing Launder, a friend of both Cole of DIIV & Soko based in LA who is readying a self-titled release for this spring & offers up a listen to their own brand of bedroom hemmed pop. The single “Annie Blue” works in a manner of peppy melancholy that traces the rise & fall narratives that is emblematic of both human existence & our fragile & cherished connections with one another.

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The previous Launder single “Fade” exemplifies the places where the flashes of light dim into a twilight flicker & twinkle before being consumed by the ensuing darkness. The desires to once again glance into the visage of special someone can be heard like wishes sent out into the wistful wiles of a passing Los Angeles breeze.

Matre brought the single “Different Door” ft. Lesley Kernochan & production by Factor Chandelier that offers entrances into new opportunities & outlets of thought. Featured off the upcoming Who the Crown Fits EP (featuring cover art by Laura Summer with cover design from Joshua Temkin), Matre outlines the energy & beauty of a new day, new chances, new points of discovery in a track that beams with the feeling of fresh & rejuvenated realizations.

This past week saw the emergence of the anticipated self-titled EP from LA’s own breakout trio collective 93 Bulls. Comprised of emcee Cool Calm Chrys, Ryan Pollie & Lynch Salmon; the crew bring some of the most exciting rhythms & rhymes that are unlike anything you’ve heard before. The crew shatters the molds of convention on the ear-worm “Whistle Style” that hits instantly, to the laid back double cup track “Sippin” that careens into the beloved single “Denim Pockets” that exudes the trademark game style of 93 Bulls that defies the conventional descriptions & adjectives. The three-piece takes on a steez that is out of this world, sampling Serge Gainsbourg’s electric classic of the same name on “Cannabis” right before returning to their first single “Silver Lining” that is indicative of a group working in all modes of fidelities to formulate a new pop fusion that has yet to be titled or tagged by the masses. Keep a close ear & eye on the ‘Bulls, dear listeners.

Caroline Says, lead by DIY pop visionary Caroline Sallee, delivered the beautiful single “I Tried” taken off the new Western Vinyl album No Fool Like An Old Fool. Time & style become obliterated into the ether of some sort of alternate world that gracefully marries past & present anachronisms of sound & sensibilities where the art of reflection is understand in the most sublime senses. Caroline Sallee described the inspiration behind the single with the following thoughts:

When I was in college, I worked at a grocery store where a former celebrity would shop and he’d bring bodyguards with him even though no one at the grocery store cared to bother him. I became fascinated with the idea of someone transitioning from celebrity to has-been and what it must feel like to know your prime is behind you. “I Tried” is from the perspective of a washed up Hollywood actress, remembering her careless youth.

Longtime readers, listeners & viewers will recall our reporting of NYC outfit Spritzer from Friend Roulette’s Matt Meade & today we present a listen to the new gorgeous EP Get Away which offers the perfect soundtrack for your grand escape from wherever is bothering you. It opens with “The Twilite” that hits the ground running in a big band kind of way, to the full out brilliance of “Lovlies Decay”, the kinetic rhythm motions of “Prelude to Psycho”, to “Psycho (i love you)” that showcases the cinematic proliferation of the Spritzer sound in the full form of concept pop execution & arrangement.

Following up on last year’s Singlez release, Sacramento’s own Meet Cute deliver a listen to their new album Boyz that is full of wistful vignettes of the electric & earnest variety. The single “Cared” reflects on the people that make a maximum impact on our lives, the sentimental sway of “Hers Choice” that opens the record, to the circular discourse spirals of “Talking Circles”, to the fancy distorted flight of “Fascination”. Grievances & communicative breakdowns are recapitulated on “Call Complain”, to the compass calibrations of reasoning & reckoning on “East of West”, as “Olé Rims” rocks the album to the curtain call number of “Plastic Ring” that steers the scuzz cycle into the amplifier humming ether (from whence it came). With a sound that specializes in the self-styled arrangements of constant surprises & erratic chord changes; Jake Waite, Michael RJ Saalman, J Irvin Dally & Taylor Kohl have gifted the world something the entire 916 area code & everywhere else can get excited about.

From Saudade Sisters’ beloved Wrong Ones EP we present the VHS home-movie style video for “Where You Are”. Evocative outings are witnessed from picnics, impromptu dance sessions, night drives & gorgeous outdoor locales; Jena & Claire’s timeless melodies & harmonies that are brought to the visual form that compliments the inspired imagination from the original heavenly song itself. Like a VHS sequel to Laura Palmer & Donna Hayward’s picnic in the mountainous outskirts of Twin Peaks/Snoqualmie Falls; Saudade Sisters create a DIY tale & testament to the infinite & enduring power of friendship edified & elevated above all else in the world.

Mynth presented a first look at the Rupert Höller & Bernhard Wenger video for “Elevator” off the Seayou Records album Parallels, celebrating the release of the recent Echo EP. The twins Giovanna & Mario expound upon their Polar Night debut with sophisti-pop that adds elements of pop art to the regiments & routines of our daily life. From claustrophobic notions of being crammed into mechanical lifts like sardines, Mynth mixes in eye-popping visuals of lipstick, cotton candy, plants, poses & more that accentuates the group’s elaborate & exotic approach to creating a style of music that stays with you long after the record has ceased its spin.

Dreamend, the solo project of Ryan Graveface, announced the new solo album arriving April 6 through Ryan’s imprint Graveface Records. Including a cast of in-house locals from Night School’s Alexandra Morte, Phaedra & Elsa of The Casket Girls along with Pedro the Lion’s TW Walsh; the Savannah, Georgia legend continues a narrative steeped in blissful dissonance that will open up your mind & soul to a dream world of unspeakable wonder. Experience “s/t” for yourself now.

Courtesy of the Youngbloods imprint, lojii returns with a preview for the release lofeye arriving March 23. Tracks like “dutti” carry you deep into the subterranean spheres, as the thook produced track “lo in the jungle” takes you through the paradigms of injustices both stateside & back in the bush (employing a sparse organic rhythm scheme), to the niceguyxvinny produced track “no ebola” that wards off the misconceptions of prejudiced perceptions with a solemn chant & arrangement. Keep an ear out for more arriving soon from lojii.

With news of an awaited follow-up to their album Aphelion, The Noise Figures announced their upcoming third album Telepath available March 2 from Inner Ear Records. Sharing a listen to “Telepath/Hypnotized”, the group channels sonic imitations of extra sensory perceptions & communications that are delivered like psychic doom pop pronouncements to soundtrack all of tomorrow’s thrillers.

Bay Area by Harlem’s Kisos brought the earnest rhythms & blues of the VOICES that delivers expressions that stem from those intimate places from within. The passion play opens up with the single “Symmetry” that deals with the divisions that strike our collective center, while “Deatomize” finds the artist duetting shared inward dialogues with Kirsten Izer, to the unbound & unleashed “No Control”, the dance party of “You Said”, rounding the EP up with the bonus demo of “Self Love Shit” that deals with what happens when self-absorption is taken to another level.

Denmark’s Skylar Fri brought a listen to the ore chasing enamorment of “Gold Rush” where the emotions are unveiled like an assemblage of galloping feelings that run like a wild & uncontrollable herd. The rush of sentiments are displayed in a metaphor of prospectors heading west in pursuit of glamorous wonders & wealth beyond the scope of imagination.

Exitmusic announced the new album The Recognitions available April 20 via felte & shared the haunted hymn of “I’ll Never Know”. Aleksa Palladino & Devon Church work in ways of cinematic overtures to cast forward feelings that will make you quake & shake in ways that are hard to immediately define.

Bobby Love brought the super turnt “Drink About” ft. Zanski via Physical Presents that will accelerate your evening mix routine. The exhilaration withheld from the week will wash over you & your company like an event not to be missed by way of keen bold arrangements.

Treat your ears & spirits to the Blood Type EP from Cautious Clay that reflects on the emotive effects that move from the heart & dip deep into our DNA. Clay keeps the modern hymns ringing from the potent opener “Silos”, the desert dreams of “Joshua Tree”, the anthemic title track, the balladry of “Juliet + Caesar”, the calculated production of “Cold War” & the closer “Elsewhere” that brings the house down with a joyful harmony that takes the listener outward into the great wide open.

New Zealand’s Birds of Passage is artist Alicia Merz who offered the hushed tone wonders of “Without the World” that meditates through ambiance & piano keys a realm that extends beyond the material pale. Featured off the album The Death of Our Invention available April 6 from Denovali Records, Merz makes music to mirror the states that extend beyond the concepts of the world that is too much with us.

Behold the Alex ‘7’ Medina & Kyle Hartman video for OYLS’ “In the Light” starring the inspired dance moves from Anissa Borrego. From the upcoming March 9 slated EP from Handwritten Records, the OYLS sound is brought to an illuminating life of textiles & uplifting feels.

In case you missed it, indulge your senses to the enrapturing & ethereal world of Yoste’s “Arc”. Subtle electronic cadences are carried throughout the track that furthers these states of the sublime that are hard to describe & explain in regular forms of expressive responses.

North London artist Ellie Occleston shares a listen to the piano-penned single “Splinters” available now from Trellis Records. Reflections of trials & challenges are painted like a series of self-portraits that portray the evolving perceptions of the self from varioius points of the past to the present day.

Nabi Sue Bersche of Elevators just released the new evocative & powerful single “Hounds” from the group’s upcoming debut EP available this spring from the pop purveyors at Arts & Crafts. Like a song inspired from the Kate Bush universe of the 80s, Nabi & the Elevators elevate the emotive stakes upward toward an eternal rise of confidence & endearing sense of care.

Amy Guess shared the non-apologies of the single “Sorry” that works in bold ways of awakened realizations that pushes for something real. Guess delivers cold deal truths in a confrontational manner that is further underscored by the electronic arrangement that further highlights a mood that is not to be messed or questioned in any way. In Amy Guess’s own words:

We write our stories, we define our breaking point, no one can destroy in us what we refuse to allow them to. Only we hold those keys. Know your strength, know your worth, always keep your head high.

Following up the debut Turbulence EP, SHEARE shares a listen to the just released Music For Photo Booths EP that delivers in evocative expressions. From the emotive crashing “Tidal Wave” & beyond, the Brooklyn artist utilizes tightly arranged structures to spell out the sentiments that words alone can rarely fully convey.

LA by Boston by Long Island’s Cloud just released the jubilant “Two Hands Bound” single courtesy of Audio Antihero to bring some uplifting light to your stressed out week. Tyler Taormina & friends work their music machines of endless wonder that is guaranteed to keep you smiling with the b-side “Plays With Fire” that calculates the causes of cautionary tales with honesty & a plethora of beautiful guitar chords.

Berel provided a listen to the cover of Xavier Omär’s “Blind Man” produced by Aabo that works in ways of restrained rhythms & blues. The song itself shines with a twilight twinkle where the greatest love of caring about someone just because of who they are is relayed in the most devout senses of style.

From Young Galaxy’s upcoming album Down Time available April 6, get caught up with your self & senses via the single “Catch Your Breath”. The feeling of taking a pause is relayed through a barrage of feelings that are channeled through subtle electronically applied effects that trigger intimate feelings that will resonate in unique & evocative ways with all listeners.

Those looking for an illuminating glow to rock out to are invited to dive into the energy of Declan Welsh & The Decadent West’s new single “Shiny Toys”. Shining with a blistering power-chord frenzy for the senses, Declan & the Decadents bring all the cool strutting & snotty big chord licks that we all collectively crave (whether we admit it or not).

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