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Sjimon Gompers

The high-flying movement of FlygerWoods; press photo courtesy of FWM.

Hit Bargain

LA’s rising radicals Hit Bargain; photographed by Jimmy Kingsford.

You are invited to catch all the action with the ruckus-rocking single “Capitulate” featured off of Hit Bargain’s upcoming Potential Maximizer album available May 11 from Buzz Records. Comprised of Nora Singh, Anton Hochheim, Mike Barron, Sean Robert Monaghan & friends; the self-identified queercore group gifts the world a real conversation piece that extends beyond the lip service of superficial binary conventions.

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“Capitulate” catapults into the discourse of consent and the blurred-lines that emerge from those exchanges. Nora & the group illustrates situations of ambiguity with a visceral delivery of unharnessed energy that emphasizes the importance of “pleasure, bodily integrity & respect” in place of the shame & abuse cycles. Nora Singh introduced both the new album & single with the following exclusive reflections:

Potential Maximizer

THE solution for all your late stage Capitalist needs. Potential Maximizer– NOW with sharper prison-industrial complex edge. Potential Maximizer—YOUR game changer, fantasy maker, liberator and dominator.


When is sex like friendly fire? This song has a guitar like running down the highway, snap sizzle drums, and friendly dirt bag bass. It careens through the gray spaces between romantic expectations and sexual realities, fluid partnerships, and evolving identities—our most fragile and tender selves on dirty sheets.

Catching up with LA’s radical hit-makers Hit Bargain; photographed by Taylor Boylston.

Nora Singh elaborated further on “Capitulate”:

This is a song about the ambiguities of consent, I wrote it in response to the real experiences of a friend navigating sex, relationships, and their own emerging queerness in LA. It predates any hashtag or recent public scandal, but it is a part of the same conversation.

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