Week in Pop: Advertisement, FlygerWoods, Ghost Soda

Post Author: Sjimon Gompers


The rise of Houston based emcee FlygerWoods; press photo courtesy of FWM.

The road to grandeur is a rocky & perilous road. The ubiquitous artists that dominate Spotify playlists who enjoy lucrative licensing arrangements today have stories of starting from the less than glamorous bottoms of pop culture’s cruel hierarchies, enduring unbelievable levels of adversity before arriving on the upper-crest level of success of red carpets & velvet ropes. Living proof of this is Missouri City by Houston artist FlygerWoods who shares world premiere listen to tracks off the upcoming My Middle Name is Tyrone release. Born Anthony Williams & previously known as Airborne; the FlygerWoods baptismal is one that arrived after the artist narrowly survived a wreck in a friend’s 2001 Chevy Impala. Emerging from the wreckage with homecoming return to Houston, Williams’ rechristening as FlygerWoods is the embodiment of the artist’s passion for sporting league icons & the unquenchable creative thirst for making music, creating community & collaboration with fellow heroes.
Delivering the premiere for the Izzar Thomas produced track “She Knows”, FlygerWoods brings the first listen from the upcoming My Middle Name is Tyrone about shared affinities & mutual interests. Fellow Houston artist Izzar brightens up the beats & starry-synth atmospheres on “She Knows” that finds Flyger counting off all the things that he loves about his significant other. Detailing the characteristics that describe the greatest ride or die girlfriend in the game, FlygerWoods elevates the myriad aspects of affection upwards toward Shakespearean levels of high stakes commitments & situations. Allusions of wedding bells ring out while Thomas keeps the mix ringing & waving in ways that feel both romantic, raw & wild. Woods sends out a Valentine’s track to last all spring, summer, fall through next winter long that is a testament to the greatest love that transcends the superficiality of materialism for a greater substance & connection that can potentially last a treasured lifetime.

The single cover for FlygerWoods’ new jam “She Knows”; courtesy of FWM.

FlygerWoods shared the following exclusive reflections about the inspirations that informed the track “She Knows”:

I wrote she knows to express how irreplaceable an open minded woman is. Through ups and downs, I’d choose an open minded woman over 100 regular women.

The styles of FlygerWoods; press photo courtesy of FWM.

FlygerWoods rolls out the world premiere for the single “Make My Day” available March 9 and also featured off the upcoming My Middle Name is Tyrone record that features production from fellow Houston hero Rob Quest (known for work with Devin The Dude, Odd Squad & more). With a bold style & delivery that is indicative of the influential Houston underground, “Make My Day” challenges the phony emcees & their pre-fabricated verses with a vernacular that is full of more volition than a Clint Eastwood western movie box set collection. Rob Quest entertains his own inner-Ennio Morricone with a spacious mix & confident rhythm sequence that underscores Flyger’s delivery that illustrates items of distrust with an array of messages that revolve around the concept of being your own original person (and nobody else). Stemming from a real-life incident involving a vehicle scrap-up, Williams writes out the wrongs of others in attempts to understand the game of ghostwriters & image peddlers that trade posturing over the pursuit of personal perfection. Embracing the spirit of a true DIY soldier who does it all, FlygerWoods spells volumes of world & life-learned wisdom with memorable passages such as, get your head out of your phones & keep living ya’ll, don’t just exist be remembered ya’ll…

FlygerWoods’ cover art for the single “Make My Day”; courtesy of FWM.

FlygerWoods provided some exclusive insights about the making of the Rob Quest produced track “Make My Day”:

“Make My Day came together on a day I damaged my car and was pissed off. That mixed with a conversation with Rob Quest (“Make My Day” producer) about rappers buying fully written songs inspired me to write a song that would not only turn a bad day around, but would challenge rappers to create with their own pens as it should be.

FlygerWoods also shared with us the following “Make My Day” teaser video that offers a sneak-peek of just five seconds. The visual for the Rob Quest produced track features a satirical take on a day in the life of Flyger that looks like something out of a spaghetti western or 70s action thriller. The Houston based artist questions the authenticity of fellow emcees while asserting a dominance in both presence & mic management. Look for this dropping March 9 with the EP available later this spring.