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Sjimon Gompers

The high-flying movement of FlygerWoods; press photo courtesy of FWM.


An introduction to Sinosa; press photo courtesy of the artist.

SINOSA from Fol Chen delivered a first listen to the single “If U Must Dance” that elevates the electronic art-form to new levels of cathartic & kinetic inspirations. With a tip of the hat to Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman“, SINOSA works with motorik structures that illustrate evolving rhythm sequences in the places where the avant-garde informs the FM frequencies of tomorrow’s radio hits. Featured off the debut 7” available April 20 via the UK imprint Happy Robots Records, prepare thyself for a synth odyssey that invites you into an electronic world of digital & analog painted splendor.

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“If U Must Dance” is like a counter-culture no-wave hit from the 1980 Berlin by NYC scenes. SINOSA stands as the instructor of the dance, instructing the listener when they can & cannot partake in the steps & motions that that track inspires. The visceral & illuminating synths allow the listener to manifest in their minds what the video might look like. From SINOSA’s instructions to stop & start the dance moves, the audience imagines a costumed & well-choreographed ensemble adhering to SINOSA’s lyrical deadpan delivery where the group’s motions are made in formation in some sort of quasi-futuristic environment. “If U Must Dance” glows with beams of neon fluorescence that illuminate the entire track with SINOSA’s visage & present standing stoic & center of the track.

SINOSA shared the following exclusive thoughts regarding the new single:

“If U Must Dance” is about playfully disobeying authority when authority is being unreasonable. It’s a dance track with a familiar beat but a torrent of disorienting additions and subtractions that fight to keep you from the groove. The lyrics are simple and ridiculous, playing on the notion that if you repeat any idea enough it stops sounding wrong. I hope you find it catchy, sexy, and strange.

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