Week in Pop: Blue of Noon, Cotillon, Gosh!, Sidewalk Chalk

Sjimon Gompers

A quick convenience store run with Jordan Corso of Cotillon; photographed by Laura Lynn Petrick.


Styling with GOSH!; press photo courtesy of the group.

Featured off their We Be Friends album Cities on the Plain, Gosh! keeps their sharp & sure pop shining & shimmering with that analog Marantz-bluish green glow with their video premiere for “Not That I’d Care” directed by filmmaker Benjy Estrada. The Quad City (an area of Illinois/Iowa) by Chicago team of Padraig Steadman, Claire Lambach, and Kyle Prenevost are the DIY heroes who made their presence known with their Athletic Tapes / Guilt Ridden Pop self-titled debut who continue to celebrate their sweet sound scapes with psyched-out complimentary visuals. GOSH! works hard to make themselves the household name that they deserve to be known as they make catchy & economically arranged classic-modern pop odes to ennui, desires & anecdotes from the scene & beyond that everyone can instantly connect with.

The Benjy Estrada video for “Not That I’d Care” from Gosh! combines performance video images with pastiches of neon & pinball machine lights that blur together in a sensory blend of stimuli. That arcade machine luster & ultra-bright advertisement aura is edited onto the instruments of Gosh! as Claire, Kyle & Padraig are swept into a mind altering video warp zone where the band plays about with happily delivered lyrical platitudes that they twist into shoulder shaking & shrugging indifference. A home jam session with Gosh! is exhibited like a piece of psychedelic art out of time/out of mind that where tales of friends past & present are recalled in stories that kick to the rocking rhythms & those gilded, glistening chords. “Not That I’d Care”, like many of the other pearls off the new Gosh! album, operates on the anachronistic blinding approach where sharp minimalism is employed to make each note hit with a certain retro cadence. The wizard-like powers inherent of the Gosh! sound is given it’s appropriate corresponding visual that somehow manages to make the thrill of “Not That I’d Care” even more carefree.

Gosh! penned the following introduction to their new music video with the following thoughts:

Gosh! is a Chicago based band that made a minimalist dreamy psych album about growing up in small town midwestern America. Benjy Estrada is a Mexico City based filmmaker who spent a few months exploring the U.S. In the winter of 2017, Benjy crashed on the couch at Gosh’s! apartment in Logan Square. After spending a few days getting to know each other, they collaborated on this video for the song “Not That I’d Care”, the second single from “Cities on the Plain”. The music video captures Gosh! in their own living and practice space, capturing everything from original artwork to beloved pets. Benjy’s frenetic and colorful editing style highlights the mood of the track.

The second Gosh! album Cities on the Plain is available now from We Be Friends Records.

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