Week in Pop: Blue of Noon, Cotillon, Gosh!, Sidewalk Chalk

Sjimon Gompers

A quick convenience store run with Jordan Corso of Cotillon; photographed by Laura Lynn Petrick.


Taft, photographed by Andrea P. Nguyen.

Austin’s Taft returns with TDNP (Time Does Not Permit) that illustrates the group at a point of transition & embarking upon even more ambitious stylistic textures & overall inspired arrangements. Taft Mashburn with Max Colonna, Josh Halpern, Ryan McGill, Glenn McGregor, Aaron Otheim & Andrew Stevens strive to expound upon Groove Redundant to take cues on Tdnp from the grooves that took risks outside the realms of redundancies.

As heard on the single “Trading Symbols”, Taft trades in sweeps of growing expressions that propel the narrative in a series of emotive sways. Like the experience of enjoying a deep conversation on a porch swing rocking deep into the day, turned night; the Austin group more than ever has entered a phase where they are successfully fusing feeling & hosts of nearly inexplicable expressions through some seriously well-thought out & executed orchestrations.

Taft Mashburn introduced the new material with the following exclusive thoughts:

Tdnp takes its name from the title of the first track: “Time Does Not Permit”. Those words are categorically indicative of so many features on the record, yet the mantra is not an apology for choices made, so much as it is the informant of an aesthetic. It is, by necessity, a transitional record. When we recorded our first album, Groove Redundant, we showed listeners our deep admiration for the indie rock of the late 1990s and early 2000s, impressing ourselves onto well established ideas about song and sound. Tdnp would have to be different, and that difference would be contained in the songwriting and the sonic backdrop. We opened our hearts to the beauty of records like Voodoo by D’Angelo and David Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. We opened our ears to instrumental music, and we tightened our pocket as a band while also taking greater risks in our parts. Tdnp marks the beginning of a widening perspective and a loosening of the connective tissues that make up our musical body.

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