Week in Pop: Amy Reid, Jake Bellissimo, XL Middleton

Sjimon Gompers

Baltimore's shining & rising star Amy Reid; photographed at B. Willow by Audrey Gatewood.

Skylar Bouchard

Getting to know Skylar Bouchard; press photo courtesy of the artist.

Winnipeg singer-songwriter known for work in Two Socks & more Skylar Bouchard brought us some sweet acoustic pop with the beautiful & breathtaking Sixto Rodriguez/Dylan-pop of “Montreal”. Cleverly arranging harmonies & the jangle of acoustic guitar strums, a banjo, back-up singers & a trusty harmonica; the spirit of the 60s traverses from Winnipeg to the cool land of Montreal where it feels like everybody is a somebody & everyone has a spirited song to sing.

Featured off the solo EP Tired of the City, Skylar stacks up all the itemized aspects of charged objects, municipal movements & all the inner thought zones in-between meditate upon the wanderlust feelings of restless desires. “Montreal” tumbles & strolls with a drifter’s drive where the song of a wandering tunesmith takes form. From humble confines, finding rest on hard floors & reflecting on cold facts & realities of romanticisms that were never meant to be-narratives of the past & the plight of the present is expressed in every note & earthly uttered lyric. Daydreams of dream lovers & the like paint a portrait of a winter worn soul seeking the the reprieve & reprisal of amour that might be found in a spring wind. Skylar Bouchard introduced the new single to us with the following exclusive, introductory insights to the new EP & more:

Tired of The City is a collection of narratives that center around a wanderlust for greener pastures, only to find that the grass was just as vibrant on your own side of the fence. Mostly, it was written in the middle of the night, on a mattress on the floor, in whatever crappy apartment I was living in at the time. I believe we idealize the idea of love and can’t accept the darker side of intimacy like jealousy and insecurity. “Montreal” is a track I wrote about wanting to love but not knowing how to properly go about it.

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