Week in Pop: Amy Reid, Jake Bellissimo, XL Middleton

Sjimon Gompers

Baltimore's shining & rising star Amy Reid; photographed at B. Willow by Audrey Gatewood.

Versing’s Week in Pop

One of the world’s & Seattle’s greatest bands ever that truly needs no introduction—Versing; press photo courtesy of the band.

Seattle’s Versing released one of the year’s most hotly anticipated albums Nirvana via Help Yourself Records/Decency Den that is an excercise in DIY transcendence & whole lot more. This is the album we knew the PNW group was always capable of, starting things off with a big bang on the anthemic “Call Me Out”, the mind opening “Body Chamber”, the genius melodic blast & blare brilliance of “The Draw”, to the mathematic rhythm schemes of “Radio Kinski”, capturing the hearts of all on “Running Thru”, to re-tricking the conventions of slacker pop on “Cloaked”. The title track “Nirvana” offers up a staircase to the avenues of all the happily ever-afters, showing off more infectious guitar work on cathartic “Dii”, turning the entire aesthetic of scuzz on its very head with “Chorus As”, to the wild eyed epic “Swollen Rivers, Forgotten Sons”, leaving the audience with the beautiful & melodic closer, “Villages”. Immediately after the following viewing of the video for “Call Me Out” (directed by the band’s own Daniel Salas), check out Versing’s exclusive Week in Pop guest selections courtesy of Daniel Salas, Graham Baker, Kirby Lochner & Max Keyes:

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John Bender, “35A9”

This song has been daily listening for me for the past six months. It’s pretty much my mantra at this point.

Table Sugar, “Carried Away”

Post-punk of the Slits/Raincoats/Delta 5 variety. Pretty much the best band around.

Seattle’s patron saints & sons & the Space Needle; press photo courtesy of the band.


Hoop, “To Know Your Tone”

I love this band so much! We went on tour with them. I thought this song was called spaceships for a really long time.

My Bloody Valentine, “Angel”

I can’t believe this song! It’s one of my favorites.

Modern day wonders of the western coast—Seattle’s own champions Versing; press photo courtesy of the band.


Miharu Koshi & Haruomi Hosono, “Western Bolero”

Hosono’s spooky arrangements paired with Koshi’s delicate vocals sound like Elizabeth Fraser playing a show at the Twin Peaks Roadhouse.

NRBQ, “Tragic Magic”

I’m a sucker for guitarmonys and the electric piano really just sets this track off. Such a casual groove.

The rock, rhythms & rise of Versing; press photo courtesy of the band.


Mount Eerie, “Yawning Sky”

What I listen to when I want to get lost.

Lil Snupe, “Melo”

RIP Lil Snupe.

Striking a pose with Versing’s band photo; photographed by Landon Gauthier.

Band Picks:

Power Trip, “Executioner’s Tax (Swing of the Axe)”

This band is so sick actually.

The Courtneys, “90210”

The track that sparked our love for The Courtneys. Instant classic.

Get versed on Seattle’s Versing; clockwise from top right: Kirby Lochner, Daniel Salas, Graham Baker, & Max Keyes.

Bonus Pick:

Allyson Foster, “More Than A Monkey Woman”

Who knew the Gibb brothers sounded just like monkeys? Allyson Foster (of Hoop) elevates a classic.

Catch Versing on their following tour dates with The Courtneys:

12 – The Pinhook – Durham, NC^
13 – DC9 – Washington, DC^
14 – Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA^
15 – The Park Church Co-Op – Brooklyn, NY^
16 – Great Scott, Boston, MA^
21 – TBA^
22 – TBA^
24 – Le Circle – Quebec City, QC^
25 – House of Targ – Ottawa, ON^
26 – Longboat Hall – Toronto, ON^
27 – Rondo – Windsor, ON^
29 – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL^
31 – Total Drag Records – Sioux Falls, SD^

02 – The Filling Station – Bozeman, MT^
03 – Bartlett – Spokane, WA^
04 – Palomino – Calgary, AB^
06 – TBA^

^ = w/ The Courtneys

Versing & the cool cats.

Follow Versing via Twitter.

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