Dave Hill has a breast fetish

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Ménage à Trois is a weekly radio show hosted by comedians and real-life couple, Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer. Each week they invite a third party to join them in the sack for a chat about sex, relationships and everything in between. Intro and outro sensual jams on Ménage à Trois are courtesy of the Brooklyn band French Horn Rebellion. Ménage à Trois is produced by Taylor Moore.

This week Diana and Murf sit down with sex guru and renaissance man Dave Hill. Dave dishes on his healthy breast fetish, gives some behind the scenes insight on showbiz chimps, and entertains the rumors of Mick Jagger and David Bowie's scandalous relationship. To follow all of Dave's own scandals visit davehillonline.com, and his book Tasteful Nudes is a must read.