Laura Oakes – “Welcome to The Family”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

U.K. singer-songwriter immerses herself in Nashville sounds on new single

Since seeing her hero Carrie Underwood in Nashville, U.K. singer-songwriter Laura Oakes hasn’t looked back. She’s fully immersed herself in the Nashville scene, working with some of the best songwriters in the city. Her drive and undeniable talent has led her to share the stage with The Shires, Ward Thomas, and Sarah Darling, as well as touring with Brit Award Winner Tom Walker on his most recent UK Tour.

Her new single “Welcome to the Family” is the first track from a new EP due out early next year. Full of charisma and upbeat country pop charm, it’s ripe with Nashville influence.

“You can choose everything in life but your family and this song is a manual for surviving that first meeting with the in-laws,” she shared. “Nothing says commitment like letting someone see the weird and wonderful universe that is your crazy, strange, loyal and loving, while still entirely dysfunctional family.” Listen to it below via Soundcloud.